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      3. Company profile

          Guangzhou Junke Electronic Co., Ltd.Company is located in guangzhou panyu district shawan town, famous high-speed rail from guangzhou south station only 10 kilometers, limb near dongguan, foshan and qingyuan, the traffic is very convenient. A beautiful environment, the company existing workshop for dust-free anti-static workshop, all companies with a total area of more than 2000 square meters, all kinds of existing staff 200 people, is a professional SMT processing, DIP processing and product assembly of small and medium enterprises. Company is a collection of computer ...[detailed ]

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          Welcome domestic and foreign new and old customers call letter to discuss cooperation, sincerely look forward to working with you hand in hand altogether will create happy tomorrow!

        Contact us

        Guangzhou Junke Electronic Co., Ltd.
        Url :www.tcbna.cn
        Address:Guangzhou panyu district 
        ShaWanZhen sand crossing
        the highway no. 1

        Guangzhou Junke Electronic Co., Ltd.
        Tel:020-84742500/020-84742522 Fax:020-84742511 E-mail:gzjunke@vip.163.com /xingke-py@163.com
        Url :www.tcbna.cn  Address:Guangzhou panyu district ShaWanZhen sand crossing the highway no. 1